State of California has deemed ports and terminal operations as essential businesses and continue to operate. FMS is working under the guidelines set forth per the Governor and following guidelines put in place by the CDC.

FMS COVID-19 Contamination Prevention Initiatives Updated March 23, 2020 


In the midst of current events, all of us working in the Port complex have a pivotal role in maintaining the flow of important cargo. Our cargo keeps the stores stocked with food, medicine, and critical supplies. Here is what Fenix Marine Services is doing to provide a safe working environment for us, for the good of our families and the American public at large: 


  • Antibacterial/Disinfectant Wipes at Radio Allocation Booths 
    • All radios, batteries & mics are wiped upon receipt 
    •  Securitas radio booth personnel wear nitrile gloves when receiving and passing out equipment 
    • Wipe dispensers will be placed inside & mounted outside allocation booths for general disinfecting (available to any worker to disinfect vehicles, steering wheels, onboard radios/mics, controls) 
  • 700+ spray bottles with germicidal disinfectant solution have been deployed throughout terminal and equipment 
  • Supplies of germicidal disinfectant deliveries will continue as long as needed 
  • Twice weekly facility deep cleaning using germicidal disinfecting procedures 
  • Shuttle buses sanitized/disinfected twice per week – and sanitized throughout the day by the bus drivers 
  • Revised employee check in process/Safety Talk to provide appropriate social distancing 
  • Adequate 6’ spacing for OTR lines at trouble window 
  • All HVAC filters in every building/office have been replaced 
  • Terminal tours and admittance of non-essential personnel have been suspended 
  • Inbound vessel traffic and crews screened and subject to scrutiny of CDC, USCBP & USCG 
  • Honest and accurate flow of information will continue to be provided for all working at FMS as it becomes available 

FMS thanks all of you for practicing common sense defenses against the spread of COVID-19. Working together, we will continue to provide a safe environment for our critical work and contribution to the well being of the American public, U.S. commerce and supply chain! 

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FMS’s gate complex is designed to facilitate expedited and efficient flow of truck traffic.  Outfitted with OCR and remote interface to drive faster transaction times. FMS also has an alternative bobtail entrance to accelerate the delivery process.

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FMS is one of the largest container terminals in the largest container port in the western hemisphere, with newly updated, state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment and systems.

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